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Resources Catalogue

These resources and many more can now be found in our Resource Database.


A range of helpful resources for parents and practitioners available to download and purchase and

BT Better World

Education resources, available free from their website for teachers, parents and carers. Aimed at developing all children’s communication

BT Communication Skills resources catalogue

A guide to the free education resources available from BT; a key sponsor of the Hello campaign

Stoke Speaks Out

A multi-agency project to look at the issues underlying children's language deficits in Stoke on Trent. Contains information and resources for parents and practitioners.

The Language Support Model for Teachers by Elspeth McCartney

Provides a comprehensive range of ideas for teachers who are working with speech and language therapists to support children in mainstream primary schools with SLCN

The Targets and Activities Project (TAP)

A website for speech and language therapists, language and communication teachers and others to share ideas with those working with children with communication difficulties in schools and other locations

Speech Teach UK

A web site for parents and professionals supporting children with speech difficulties, containing news, resources and forums


Hello is the national year of communication – a campaign to increase understanding of how important it is for children and young people to develop good communication skills.

Therapy Ideas

A website that is a searchable library of ideas and resources, organised by target, and contributed by a community of therapists

Talk To Your Baby

A website for encouraging parents and carers to talk more to children from birth to three. Contains resources, advice and news for parents and professionals

The Communication Trust publications

Information for those who want to find out more about supporting all children and young people’s communication and those with speech, language and communication needs.

Auditory Verbal top tips

Top tips for parents and professionals on teaching deaf babies and children to listen and speak using Auditory Verbal Therapy

Download Top 10 tips to help listening become a way of life for your baby here

Download a Parent Leaflet full of helpful information here

Cambridge University’s Thinking Together approach

Support for primary and secondary teachers in developing language in the classroom

The Children’s Society Disability Toolkit website

Free resources for professionals to share their experiences and knowledge of working with children

The Children’s Society Askability website

A unique symbol supported website designed to give disabled children access to news, sport, films, music etc

Elizabeth Jarman

Helps partners create optimum conditions for learning through their resources and training on how to create Communication Friendly Spaces

KIDS – Working with disabled children, young people and their families

KIDS have produced a range of briefings available online as free downloads for professionals who work with young people with disabilities. These can be found at

In addition to these, many publications have been developed surrounding the childcare environment and inclusive play which can be found at

The Transitions magazine, aimed at and written by young disabled people covers 3 main themes each week, email or call 0207 359 3073 for a free hard copy. Alternatively they can be viewed online at the publications page. KIDS also provides a range of resources and workforce development opportunities which can be found at their website

Makaton free resources

The Makaton Charity have developed a range of resources for using and teaching Makaton, including a range of free resources available to download


Resources to help you learn more about communicating with people with a learning disability, and how to make your existing communication materials more accessible

The National Autistic Society

Resources related to communication issues and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) - then click on Books and resources from the NAS

The National Deaf Children’s Society

Various free resources can be found at

National Strategies

Key resources and materials to support development in schools 

Pearson Assessment

The UK’s leading publishers of assessments for health and education professionals; key sponsor of the Hello campaign

Philosophy for children

Support for primary and secondary schools in using an enquiry-based discussion model that is highly successful in promoting language and communication development in the classroom.


Produces manuals of signs specific to individual needs. Select your vocabulary from any of the Signalong manuals and have them arranged and printed according to instructions   

TreeHouse online support

A hub of expert information on autism education with an online community for parents, carers and professionals to share experiences and support

Warwickshire Classroom Management Communication Friendly Environments

Enables learners to develop their social, emotional and academic potential by reducing or removing barriers to communication. Developed 3 booklets that schools and settings can use to develop visual support systems, staff communication and classroom environment

Signed stories

All the great children’s picture books and stories with British Sign Language support, free of charge


Free downloadable activities linked to the monthly Hello themes in Widgit symbols and British Sign Language.

EGAR Educational Games And Resources

Award-winning EGAR Educational Games And Resources are dedicated to developing communication skills, the art of conversation and an appreciation of the value of talking in dealing with life’s challenges and making healthy informed choices. The psychology based Let's Get Talking Choice Discussion card sets provide a structure for intervention and prevention work, covering Health, Crime Prevention, Personal Development, Citizenship and the Environment.

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