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Emerging impacts of the Early Language Development Programme

The ELDP is showing very encouraging results, having reached over 12,000 local early years practitioners by the end of March 2014.

The interim evaluation report produced in September 2013 by the Office for Public Management (OPM) tells us that the vast majority of local practitioners (93%) feel the training has increased their awareness and knowledge to support children’s early language development, enabling them to better identify and support young children with language delay.

A large majority of practitioners (94%) report that the ELDP training and resources helps to improve their practice. This is supported by the case study findings, which provide practical examples of how learning from the ELDP is impacting on three key areas of practice:

  • Adaptations to setting environments and activities
  • Improved interactions with parents
  • The use of innovative ideas to support early language development

We’re also seeing reports from lead and local practitioners of closer collaboration between early years centres, and closer interaction with parents as a result of the training and use of the ELDP resources.

Parents themselves (83% of those who responded) report increased knowledge about how to support children to learn to talk, compared to a year ago.

Click here to view a summary of interim findings

The final evaluation report is due in 2015.

Case Studies

OPM have produced 12 case studies which demonstrate how different areas in England have rolled out the programme, and the impact it has had on practitioners, parents and children.

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