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Enquiry Service

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What is it?

I CAN’s Enquiry Service is a free, confidential call-back or email service from an I CAN speech and language therapist. We are also trialling the use of Skype for our Enquiry Service calls and therefore this service is available for those who would prefer it.

Call: 020 7843 2544


Who can use it?

This free service is for parents, carers and those working with children who have questions or concerns about a child’s communication development.

How can the Enquiry Service help?

We have helped hundreds of parents, childminders, teachers and SEN staff with a wide range of queries relating to children’s speech and language development.

Our therapists can provide information on milestones and typical communication development - including what can go wrong. They can also offer useful tips and activities, free resources and signposting to helpful organisations.

The Enquiry Service is a completely free service. We rely on donations to carry out our work.

How does it work?

Call 020 7843 2544 and a member of our friendly I CAN Help Team will take your details and book you in for a call back with a therapist at a time that works for you.

On the day and time specified, an I CAN speech and language therapist will call you free of charge.

The therapist will listen to your questions and provide you with tips, information and free resources where relevant.

You can also email your questions to and one of our speech and language therapists will get back to you within 10 working days.