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1Voice - Communicating Together

1Voice logo with large red numeral one and a speech bubble in yellow with word voice inside it
A member-led charity to support and network with children, young people and adults who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) 1Voice - Communicating Together holds events at national and local level to bring together AAC users and their supporters for networking and support. AAC users typically have disabling conditions that make learning to read, write and speak incredibly difficult, even though communication is a fundamental human right. They mostly have communication boards, books, and/or communication (computer) devices, and use pictures to represent words. It is slow and laborious for the user to attain full command of their language, to learn the vocabulary and grammar of their language as well as becoming proficient in using and programming a special communication device. Because relatively few people use or even understand about AAC, children and families often feel isolated. Some children are reluctant to use their device; some parents find it difficult to imagine what kind of future their children can aspire to. By meeting and being with others like themselves, and encountering adult role models who use AAC to live fulfilled lives, they gain a sense of togetherness, hope and encouragement to keep learning, achieve that basic human right to communicate with everyone and aspire to an active, meaningful adult life.
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Early years
Further Education
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