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Progress Checker

To use the progress checker:

  1. First select the age of your child.
  2. You will then be asked a number of questions. Answer these as well as you can, and we will give you an indication of the progress of your child.

Please note:
This is only to be used as a guide. If your child has just had a birthday, you might want to look at the age-group younger than them. Similarly, if you child is coming up to a birthday, you might want to check the age-group older than them.

If you are concerned about your child's development, an assessment by a speech and language therapist is the only way to be sure. Find your local speech and language therapist here.


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Who wrote this?

The developmental stages in this progress checker have been produced by speech and language therapists based on research and their knowledge of communication development. They have been cross-referenced by I CANs speech and language therapists against a range of sources including:

  • 'Language Development Milestones' edited by Nicole Sax and Erin Weston
  • 'Living Language Checklists' by Ann Locke
  • The Queensland language checklists
  • Reynell Development Language Scales Reynell, J. & Gruber, C. (1990).
  • Speech and Language Development Chart (2nd ed.) Gard, A. Gilman, L. Gorman, J. (1993).