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Boogie Mites Minis Parent Workshop Pack

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Boogie Mites Minis Parent Workshop Pack

Inspirational Music Activities for Listening, Vocalisation and Early Language Skills  - for Early Years Settings (1-3 years) 

Discover the Power of Music to Promote Communication Skills AND Increase Parent Involvement

'The sessions plans are very comprehensive, good resources and very enjoyable too. Great feedback from parents attending.'
-Kim Tocher, Mill Hill Children's Centre, Hampshire

Research Shows That Active Music Making Has Four Fantastic Benefits!

  1. Active Music Making helps children develop listening and vocalisation skills
  2. Active Music Making engages parents in their child’s learning.
  3. Active Music Making is inclusive –children can join in at whatever level they are at
  4. Active Music Making is FUN – for children, parents and practitioners

But do you have the time, resources and confidence to make the most of active music making?

Whether you are an experienced music maker or someone who would like to develop skills in this area the Boogie Mites Minis Parent Workshop Pack (1-3 years) will improve your practice AND help you involve parents in their child’s learning with:

  • A song CD with 21 original songs that will re-energise your music making activities
  • 3 tried and tested lesson plans that allow you offer parent and child music sessions
  • A DVD of songs in action so you can learn from an experience Boogie Mites tutor
  • Colourful wall posters outlining the benefits of active music making
  • Evaluation tools so that you can measure impact

PLUS FREE BONUS ONLINE RESOURCES only when you purchase through the I CAN shop including:

  • notes for introducing the songs into everyday learning
  • ideas for linked activities, progression, links to the EYFS development matters
  • tips for using home made instruments and props
  • song lyrics

This resource is published by Boogie Mites

​Please note that a pack is licensed for use in one named setting only.

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