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Chatting with Children (Hardback)

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Chatting with Children

The third in the series of Early Talkers, this lovely pack provides parents and practitioners with 30 engaging activity cards to help develop young children’s communication skills. Comes with top tips and planning guide. (3–5 years).
View a sample activity card.

To get these activity cards in an attractive and durable box, select the hardback version.

Purchase the paperback versions of Babbling BabiesToddler Talk and Chatting with Children together in a colourful sleeve and make a saving with the Early Talkers boxset.

We have a limited number of Chatting with Children (and Babbling Babies  and Toddler Talk) hardback available to you for less than half price when bought as a bundle of 30 for £150. Save £7.99 per pack while stocks last

For more information on children's speech, language and communication development, check out our Chatter Matters DVD for parents, and our Learning to Talk DVD for practitioners.

This resource is also available inside the Working with Under-5s: Understanding Communication Development Toolkit.

ISBN: 978-1-908173-31-7 (Hardback), ISBN: 978-1-908173-30-0 (Pareperback)

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