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Communication Builders for AAC

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Communication Builders for AAC provides comprehensive information about the assessment and use of the whole range of AAC options. Andrea Kirton, co-author, is a highly specialist speech and language therapist but she writes this book in a style which makes this important information accessible to education practitioners, parents, carers, SLTs. It is the core reading material for the accredited course Supporting Adults and Children using AAC. It’s a one-stop-shop to AAC! Contents: Chapter 1: What is AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication)? Why use AAC? What Does AAC Include? Access Methods The AAC Team Chapter 2: Assessment Who might benefit from AAC? Cause and effect skills Social Communication Skills Symbolic Understanding Understanding of Spoken Language The expressive-receptive gap Visual SkillsAccess Method Tools for Assessment AAC Profile and Action Plan Definition of Communicative Competence for AAC users (Janice Light, 1989) Social Networks (Sarah Blackstone and Mary Hunt Berg, 2003) Means, Reasons and Opportunities (Della Money and Sue Thurman, 1994) Chapter 3: Unaided Communication What is Unaided Communication? Assessing Unaided Methods of Communication Observation Schedule for assessing Unaided Communication Methods Developing Unaided Communication Skills Chapter 4: Low Tech Communication Aids Types of Low Tech AAC systems Aspects of Assessment for Low Tech AAC Access Vocabulary/Language Social Use Design Issues The Next Step – Activities to support and develop use of the Low Tech AAC system Cause and effect with people (Communicative Intent) Requesting item/indicating choice Participation in a social activity General Conversation Chapter 5: High Tech Communication aids Types of High Tech Communication Systems Assessment for a High Tech System Access Vocabulary/Language Social Use Design Issues The Next Step - Activities to support and develop use of the High Tech AAC system Linguistic Skills Social Skills
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Andrea Kirton with Henrietta McLachlan & Liz Elks