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CUBIC Word Pack

Curriculum Based Information Word Pack is a rich resource of beautiful pictures and interesting activities and is designed to help children aged 5-7 understand more fully what is said to them. Curriculum Based Information Carrying Word Pack is a rich resource of beautiful pictures and interesting activities which incorporates the ICW principle with the Key Stage 1 History, Geography and Science Units of the National Curriculum for England and Wales. it also has value for schools in other countries in the UK as similar themes are part of the curricula. For those unfamiliar with Information Carrying Words the concept provides a structured framework which facilitates the control of the number of words in a sentence that a child has to understand in order to carry out an instruction. CuBIC Word Pack will help children increase the amount of information they can remember in a sentence whilst at the same time supporting and developing their understanding of the curriculum. The activities can be implemented with individual children or small groups. The CuBIC Word Pack will help to improve: Understanding of spoken language Listening and attention skills Auditory sequential memory Vocabulary development Expressive language Social communication skills CuBIC Word Pack provides over 40 pages of clear and delightful illustrations. A thorough explanation about how to apply Information Carrying Words is given in the introduction. The National Curriculum based activities are carefully described so that the ideas can be implemented easily and tasks differentiated to meet the needs of individual children.This resource can be used by all school staff and parents as well as speech and language therapists.
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Liz Elks & Henrietta McLachlan