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EYBIC Word Pack

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Early Years Based Information Carrying Word Pack is a rich resource of beautiful pictures and interesting activities to promote the vocabulary, speaking and listening of a wide range of children through the principle of Information Carrying Words. For those unfamiliar with Information Carrying Words, the concept provides a structured framework which helps children increase the amount of information they can remember. At the same time EYBIC will develop their knowledge and language of everyday topics including: Ourselves Food Clothing Toys Animals Home The resource includes: Careful explanations about Information Carrying Words and how to use the resource Illustrations to print in black and white or colour Home Activities Vocabulary checklists to monitor progress A two and a half hour training session for parents and early years practitioners, which includes teaching notes, a PowerPoint presentation and handouts. EYBIC Word Pack will help to improve: Understanding of spoken language Listening and attention Auditory sequential memory Vocabulary development Expressive language Social communication skills EYBIC Word Pack supports Early Learning Goals. EYBIC Word Pack is very useful for children learning additional languages. EYBIC Word Pack helps parents, early years practitioners and speech and language therapists to work together to promote children’s language and communication skills.
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Henrietta McLachlan & Liz Elks