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Let's Talk with 5-9s Handouts

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Let's Talk with 5-9s Handouts is beautifully illustrated and full of ideas to encourage speaking, listening and language skills of all 5-9s. Each of the 89 pages provides effective advice and ideas for parents, child minders and those working with children in this age range wanting some basic skills and knowledge. The handouts incorporate advice for supporting children who are learning English as a second language. The handouts are packed full of practical suggestions that cover the following topics: Normal communication development charts Causes to speech and language difficulties Adult-child interaction Listening and concentrating Learning new words Understanding language Using sentences Asking questions Saying words clearly The handouts are illustrated throughout. As with all Elklan materials having purchased the resource you are free to photocopy any relevant pages for your own use so equipping others who work within your school or health provision. A CD version is included so the handouts can be printed off as and when required.
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Henrietta McLachlan & Liz Elks