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Toddler Talk (Hardback)

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Revised and bolder than before, Toddler Talk is a beautifully illustrated activity pack to promote communication development of toddlers from 18 months to 3 years old that now comes in a paperback and hardback edition.

Toddler Talk includes 35 inspiring activities on durable cards for parents and other adults to play with the toddler to develop the toddler's communication skills. The activities have been developed by practitioners with specialist experience in developing communication with under threes. The activities are focused on the following five areas:

  1. Attention and Listening
  2. Understanding what is said
  3. Learning and using new words
  4. Building sentences
  5. Talking socially

Toddlers need the space and time to process sounds and to learn what they mean. Eventually, words build into sentences, into mini-conversations and this means that children will be able to get the best of their new learning environments.
View a sample activity card.

To get these activity cards in an attractive and durable box, select the hardback version.

Others in this series: Babbling Babies and Chatting with Children. These are also available in paperback version as the Early Talkers boxset

We have a limited number of Toddler Talk (and Babbling Babies  and Chatting with Children) hardback available to you for less than half price when bought as a bundle of 30 for £150. Save £7.99 per pack while stocks last

For more information on children's speech, language and communication development, check out our Chatter Matters DVD for parents, and our Learning to Talk DVD for practitioners.

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