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NHS Speech & Language Therapy

NHS Speech and therapy departments or clinics

North Derbyshire NHS Speech and Language Therapy Service for children

What we offer

Our services include:

  • comprehensive assessment
  • direct intervention (individual or group)
  • indirect intervention – through parents/other family members and staff in educational and care settings
  • specialised training for parents and staff in educational and care settings
  • advice to other agencies on the speech, language and communication training that they deliver.

We offer an open referral system. However, not all children need to see a Speech and Language Therapist straight away.

East Coast Community Healthcare

Speech and Language Therapy for Children and Young People We deliver Speech and Language Therapy for children and young people aged 0-19 in Norfolk and Waveney with speech, language and communication needs. We provide support in their everyday environment such as at school, nursery or in a Children’s Centre rather than in clinics as evidence shows that this is more effective than traditional methods for meeting their communication needs.


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